Kofi is a skilled and celebrated performer and teacher.

He can create a custom made program to suit your needs combining one or all of his skills. 

Djembe or traditional Ghanaian Drumming

Kofi has been teaching drumming to people from Western Countries for the past 15 years. He is familiar with translating the complex patterns common in African music in a way that Westerners can understand. He is a patient, concise and encouraging teacher who is able to teach any skill level and ability. His knowledge of every aspect of his culture allows him to teach it as it would be learned in Africa, with the accompanying songs and dances.

Schools and Community Workshops

With an extensive background in teaching children of all ages, Kofi can offer drum, dance ,  singing and African Culture workshops for large or small groups. He will provide the drums.

Entertainment for Festivals and Events

Since arriving in Australia Kofi has been embracing technology. He is now able to emulate a ten piece traditional drumming group using a loop pedal, playing all the parts himself. Add any number of West African drummers and dancers and he can cater for events from the small and intimate to a dynamic performance on a large stage to hundreds. Contact us to discuss your needs.