Kofi's passion is the traditional drumming of his tribal group, the Ewe people from the Volta Region of Ghana. This drumming style is not for the faint hearted, requiring a commitment to learning parts that played alone may appear simple. The challenge is placing each part within a complex polyrhythmic structure. To truly understand the rhythm and cultural context, the dance and the song must also be learned, or at least engaged with.

Kofi is interested in hearing from people who might like to learn this style of drumming. 

See the videos below for example of the types of dance and the rhythms Kofi teaches.

This rhythm, Slow Agbekor, is from the Volta Region of Ghana where Kofi is from. It has many different variations. Each drum is usually played by one person, so five people would play this rhythm together. Here, Kofi plays all five supporting parts, without the master drum. The drums Kofi is playing in this video are not the traditional ones, just substitutes from what he currently has available.

Slow Agbekor is traditionally danced by Ewe women as a greeting when their men return from war. Fast Agbekor is danced by the Ewe men, telling the story of their experiences of war. This film shows  a modern choreography of the dance where the two aspects have been combined. Here Babashiko Cultural Group performs it as part of a ceremony to celebrate the donation of instruments and costumes by the YarraYigba Project.

Images from the Volta Region of Ghana