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Hoddles Creek Primary School

As you have probably heard, the sessions have been FABULOUS! Everyone loves Kofi, wonderful focus and enthusiasm...and not just from students!! Staff are raving about it! One of our teachers came and joined in for the full 2hrs on her day thanks again for helping it all come to fruition!


Wesburn Primary School


It was a wonderful day yesterday - probably the best ‘incursion’ we have ever had!!! Everyone without exception enjoyed the experience.

Healthy Harvest Festival Montrose

Thanks again for your participation - honestly, Kofi's energy and talent added such a wonderful vibe to our day. We are SO glad you all could join us!

Australian Theatre of the Deaf - Summer School


Having Kofi as a percussionist for Australian Theatre of the Deaf’s Summer school was a joy! He brought a vibrant and enthusiastic energy which both the team and the kids all loved.


Being able to see and feel the amazing rhythms which Kofi dreamed up was such a vital ingredient to the dance program and really brought a rich and deeper understanding of the movements for the school’s participants. I really look forward to working with Kofi again on future projects!’ Jo Dunbar; Dance Leader; Australian Theatre of the Deaf Summer Arts School